As a Vancouver-based producer I have help create many projects ranging from shorts to features in drama, thriller, history and documentary formats. I am currently engaged in several projects including TV series and web-based content.

With an acting background, producing naturally fits my personality and extensive experience in non-profit and event management positions.

We Are Vancouver – ongoing short narrative documentaries


Mr. James is Dead - Short ​                                                  

The Roeddes  -   HIstorical Short


My Victims of True Crime - thriller short (Screamfest Festival Selection)


Who Am I Now? – short to feature

40 Seconds- Short (2 award winners)       

Flightless- short


The Aftermath- short


Poison- short


The Property- short (Single Take Challenge Festival finalist)


Food Synergy- feature documentary

Netwerq- Web Series

Dir. Vivian Davidson / VIDA Prdnts. Since - 2019


Dir. Daniel Irving (Crazy 8s prdtn)- 2020


Dir. Dide Bilgin/As You Like It Prdtns -2019


Dir. Ryan Curtis – 2019


Dir. Louise Emily / Jack Dog Films -2019

Dir. Kelly Pantaleoni-2019


Dir. Kay Metke- Broken Psyche Pdns.-2020

Dir. Vivian Davidson- Gaia Productions 2020


Dir. Vivian Davidson-2020


Dir. Jackie Bateman -2020


Dir. Vivian Davidson- 2020

Dir. Alison Chang/Vivian Davidson - 2020